All Things Terpene

Terpenes are much more than cannabis. Learn where and how to encounter terpenes in nature, how to extract them, and how to effectively use and infuse them in a myriad of home, health, and wellness products!

Infuse Your Life With Terpenes

Terpenes can serve as the scent in your shampoo, candles, lotion, and anything else with a fragrance. Their profound physiological effects can be usefully infused into cleaning supplies, insect control, skin care products, and much more! Make your own signature scent to infuse into your home products and say goodbye to ‘fragrance’!

Terpenes and Cannabis

Terpenes are the fundamental components within cannabis which determine strain and type. Terpenes give the plant its strong odors and a cannabis strain’s terpene content is what makes it a sativa or indica. They’re the future of cannabis.


Jack O’Leary

The Terpene Book is Jack O’Leary’s debut non-fiction work about the powerful plant compounds found all throughout nature. Terpenes. Jack has been involved in both the cannabis and terpene industries for over a decade. With such experience, O’Leary approaches cannabis from a wellness perspective, and has a desire to create terpene-infused, all-natural, transparent products more accessible and commonplace. O’Leary believes we can harness the true power of the plant as well as the thousands of natural compounds we call terpenes. Having written this book, it’s safe to say Jack has done such. The goal of this book is to raise awareness of terpenes, to illustrate their value, their importance, and their potential. Terpenes and other plant compounds have the capability of profoundly changing the world for the better, and spreading that important message is his primary intention.

This book is for the person busy with the multitude of demands of everyday life, for the student yearning to learn more without digging through dense scientific journals, for the parent with chronic pain who desires to treat it naturally but is preoccupied with a family and the obligations of a rapidly moving world. Or for the cannabis entrepreneur, considering financing or implementing terpenes, cannabis or CBD venture, but don’t know where to begin. 

Infuse your life with terpenes.

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